Facts About the Quran in Islam

If you are a Christian, you have the Bible for guidance. But what about Muslims? Do you know what book they turn to whenever they need to learn about good morals? Well, if you don’t know, Muslims use the Quran. According to Muslims, nobody can write flawless guidance like the Quran. This only convinces them that the Quran is the Word of Allah.

First, the Quran is the unveiled Word of God. This is a documentation of the specific words that were disclosed by God Muhammed, the prophet, through Angel Gabriel. It has 114 chapters and none of them has been changed. It shares about every subject that concerns humans and this includes law, worship, and doctrine. However, the key theme in the Quran is the connection between the creatures and God. If you are here to learn about the Quran, we have some facts that will interest you to know. 

Mountains are stabilizers

While other books see mountains as conspicuous landforms, the Quran is different. It correctly describes them as the Earths stabilizers that hold its external surface firmly to prevent it from shaking humans. It also describes them as pillars that support surface coverage as a way of preoccupation. 

Nothing is worthy of Worship

According to the Quran, there is nothing honorable of worshiping than God and Muhammad is the servant and messenger. There are over 1000 million Islamic followers. 

It has 30 equal parts

Recitation is something nearly everyone struggles with. We are humans and we need easy ways to do things. The Quran has you in mind. It is split into 30 parts which are equal to make it easy for people to recite. A single part can take you just 24 minutes of reading. The entire book only takes 12 hours to read. Additionally, the Quran has 114 chapters, 99,464 words, 6,236 verses, and 113 letters. 

The only book memorized by millions

If there are things that have been preserved in this world, one of them, is the Quran. It has been preserved for more than 1400 years by writing and parallel memorization. While there are several people verses and phrases that [people have memorized, the Quran remains the sole book which has been committed to memory in its entirety by millions across the world. The memorization procedure started in the life of Prophets and has continued to be stressed on by Muslims until today. 

Iron is not natural

Accord to the Quran 57:25, iron is not natural to the world. Its formation did not occur in the world but it came to the earth from the external space. While this sounds weird, scientists have confirmed this. According to scientists, several years have ago, meteorites were stuck on earth and they had Iron with them from a distance and this exploded – read article on main facts about islam.


There are so many facts that you need to learn about the Quran. The fact that it is the sole book that has been committed to memory by millions, makes it a great read.